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HorseBuds: Happened by chance

Rupert Isaacson’s Horse Boy method was described in a newspaper article with the headline, “ Parade rider raises awareness of autism treatment method.” From reading that article highlighting: “Lily [last name], eight, switched to the Horse Boy teachings after “meltdowns” sidelined her therapeutic riding at Hinchinbrook farm. Her mom, Heidi, said the change is like “night and day” since Lily started Horse Boy, which also encompasses sensory work and academics on horseback."

—(Lunenburg County Progress Bulletin, Lunenburg,, NS, Canada, Tuesday July 26, 2011)

In 2011, I traveled from colorado to Nova Scotia for my mother’s 80th birthday party. the newspaper was on the table and the article changed the path of my life. I called Patricia McGill at Hinchinbrook farm and she invited me to attend a Horse Boy playdate that she was hosting!

The wonderful thing about Rupert Isaacson’s Horse Boy method ( was he discovered that you don’t even need a horse to see positive results. Therefore, he devised the Movement Method (which is beneficial for all children whether neurotypical or neurodiverse) that anybody can practice at home!

in 2013, I started HorseBuds Therapeutic riding center, and in 2019 it became HorseBuds Inc. Since then, Participants still enjoy the horses, but from on the ground, with the same results.

Try something new…it might be life-changing!

-Deb Michael

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